A soldier stumbles upon a listless dog. They trade glances. The soldier speaks a few sympathetic words and offers the pup a pat on the head. In this seemingly mundane exchange, both of their lives are forever changed. In the dog, the soldier finds companionship, hope and a sense of normalcy that’s been missing since their deployment. In the soldier, the dog finds safety, comfort and an affection it has never known. Over the days and months ahead, the soldier and this stray dog form an unbreakable bond made only stronger by the stresses of war. And then, it’s time for the soldier to return home - without their war torn pup.

No Dog Gets Left Behind provides financial support to reunite active military with the stray dogs they bond with while deployed in a war zone - a $5,000-per-dog expense that includes vaccines, medical treatment, transportation and more. While the financial investment is high, the relief, comfort and joy this program provides our troops is immeasurable. To date we have funded over 150+ soldier/dog reunions.

How to help? You can support No Dog Gets Left Behind by making a donation or purchasing No Dog Gets Left Behind merchandise - a simple, affordable yet profoundly impactful gesture. If you are interested in volunteering or fundraising, please contact us. Can we count on your help today?



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"This base has a lot of stray dogs just walking around with many in rough shape. Ginger stood out because she is an absolute sweetheart; very calm/relaxed and loves being around us. Whenever you get near her, she just rolls right over for belly scratches. Anytime there are people gathering, she takes a spot nearby, and even going on a hike with us around base. We would be sitting outside just passing time and she would come right up and sit beside you. Luckily, everyone on this small base loves her and we all go out of our way to care for her and to keep her out of harm's way. Ginger has been an amazing morale booster for us all. Thank you for helping me.."

SPC Lydia writes, "Remy stole my heart particularly because of his two white long socks on his front paws and legs because he reminded me of Two Socks from the movie Dances With Wolves which was my grandmothers favorite movie to watch with me. He’s also just a very sweet little boy and just spending any small time with him makes me the happiest I’ve ever been out here in the desert. I want him to have a good home and life with me back home and to spoil him with all the couch naps and treats and pure love."