A soldier stumbles upon a listless dog. They trade glances. The soldier speaks a few sympathetic words and offers the pup a pat on the head. In this seemingly mundane exchange, both of their lives are forever changed. In the dog, the soldier finds companionship, hope and a sense of normalcy that’s been missing since their deployment. In the soldier, the dog finds safety, comfort and an affection it has never known. Over the days and months ahead, the soldier and this stray dog form an unbreakable bond made only stronger by the stresses of war. And then, it’s time for the soldier to return home - without their war torn pup.

No Dog Gets Left Behind provides financial support to reunite active military with the stray dogs they bond with while deployed in a war zone - a $5,000-per-dog expense that includes vaccines, medical treatment, transportation and more. While the financial investment is high, the relief, comfort and joy this program provides our troops is immeasurable. To date we have funded over 80+ soldier/dog reunions.

How to help? You can support No Dog Gets Left Behind by making a donation or purchasing No Dog Gets Left Behind merchandise - a simple, affordable yet profoundly impactful gesture. If you are interested in volunteering or fundraising, please contact us. Can we count on your help today?



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In partnership with the PSPCA, No Dog Gets Left Behind is sponsoring this event.  
WED, Nov 11th from 10 am-12pm or until supplies last. 
Corner of 47th & Fairmount Avenue (19139), Phila, PA

"This little guy has an unknown chance to make it out here. He's embedded in a rough pack of dogs but it's dog eat dog out here. At night we hear the screeches and barking of many of the dogs while we sleep including the pups being in the middle of the dog battles getting hurt. A lot of the dogs are riddled with injuries, incorrectly healed broken limbs and lacerations.   I'm expecting this to be expensive and I can't afford it right now.   I found Pvt Cincu (aka Snowball) alone in Cincu, Romania."

Over the next two weeks, I made it my daily mission to keep the puppies and the mom alive. From bringing them fresh water and food throughout the day, to scaring off predators on base, to figuring out ways to keep them cool throughout the miserably hot days, tending to their wellbeing was a fulfilling (if taxing) goal. And when the base took fire at one point during their stay, I found myself thinking about their safety in the midst of the chaos. That’s when I knew I had to take one home. And that’s when I discovered Fox.